My favorite grandpas

One of my favorite grandpas of the 2 that I have is Gene T. He has been in the Korea War and fought for a long time. He use to be the one who was on a ship.  Of course he is still alive today. Now he serves as a veteran because he has retired.

My second favorite grandpa is Marshal G. He served in World War II. When he was there he used to fly airplanes and take really good pictures because he was a photographer. We still have a lot of pictures of him and his crew. Sadly he is not here today. But some of his crew still is. We have a lot of history about him like his hats and photos.

There is many places to visit like if you go to Buffalo somewhere you will find a huge ship and that is  one of the ships that my grandpa Gene  T. was on. There where bunch of submarines there and lots of missiles in the ship. When you get there or if you go there, there is a lot of tourism. If you go to a certain statue you can find my grandpas name on a statue.

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Major Accomplishments

My major accomplishments are when my partner first earned like $20 because that’s so far how much money we have to start out with. My second Major accomplishment is when our mentor said yes to us because that was the only person I knew that would help us out. My third Major accomplishment is when when I finally finished my flier because then we could maybe get more people to help us out.

Our December Goals are that we want to at least walk a dog or take care of a dog once or twice. Our second goal is to get some food with the money that we earned and make sure that when we dog sit the dogs we make sure they are clean and has food to eat.

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My Three Favorite Holidays & Traditions!!!!!

My first favorite Holiday is Christmas because we celebrate Jesus and God and that’s who I believe in. I also like Christmas because of my birthday and my birthday is my favorite day of each year. I also like Christmas because of the snow and Christmas because there is lots of happiness in the air and kids are getting their presents from Santa.

My second favorite holiday is  Thanksgiving because This is when I get to be with my family and friends. I like this holiday because everyone eats Delicious and meaty Turkeys and great food. But the bad thing about thanksgiving is that there is a lot of turkeys getting killed for food. I also like how we always decorate the room with decorations. best of all we make a lot of pumpkin pie.

My third favorite holiday is Halloween because I get to go out and knock of peoples doors for candy. But I always eat too much candy. I also like all of the decorations in the house and outside of the house. My favorite part is putting out the decorations for Halloween. Lastly I like passing out candy to others because for me I just think passing out candy is more fun then getting the candy.Winter at 21strom Zuza Ritt via Compfight The Turkey With Apple Pecan Stuffing. :) ☼☼☼It’s A Beautiful Day!!! ☼☼☼ via Compfight

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Can This Day Get Any Worse!!

Once upon a time there was a boy named Seth, He was big and strong, but not like his daddy. His dad was a sumo wrestler.  So he was working out one night and he saw a car, the car was big and green. Later that night he saw the green car again. so he went into his car and decided to go after that man but he was too fast then Seth was triggered so he went over 90 mph to get to him and (CRASH) he opened his eyes and all he could see was a man. The man was big and strong but then he realized it was his daddy and he got to the hospital safe and smoothly.

Later that day he got home from the hospital and sat in bed for hours just staring up onto the sealing. He asked himself will I ever learn that I need to be careful. So later that night he walked in to the living room and then he saw that all of he furniture was missing and he had been robed. He called the police and gave him all of the items that he had lost. A couple days later he found the people who robed his house and rested him and he said to himself can this day get any worse.

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How has school changed

How has school changed

In the past 100 years schools has changed a lot. The technology has been upgraded and there has been more and more technologies. There used to be a lot more punishments in the 1900’s like they would smack them with a ruler for talking. Now they usually get a warning or suspension or even expelled.

The rules are also way different in the 1900’s students who were tardy would have to write lines on the board. Or they would have to learn a scripted by heart or sit with a girl if a boy miss behaved. now you would just get a time out or call your parents or write a apology letter. When they would write a letter they would use a typewriter. Also there television was different because they only had like 10 channels and was just black and white. The teachers used to be stricted and now they are careful and will take the time to help you


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Paws For Cuase

My partner is Ryan. Our project is to dog sit to make money to donate to the animal shelters near us. We will also set up a both every month or so and we will ask for donations to help with our dog sitting job.

We feel really sad that the dogs in the kennels are homeless because they don’t have anyone to care for them.

Our goals is to reach about $100 to donate to the animal shelter. We really want to see some dogs have a home and be treated well and lots of respect. We picked this because we want to see dogs have homes and make sure they have something to eat. Another goal we have is to feed as much dogs and animals as we can so that they can survive.

See my Visual Aide  for more information.

comment challange

Hi, I liked how you put so much details into this story. I liked how you said that he has an virus that it makes all of the kids to be unable to make good comments. But that is bad because if all of the kids in the world can’t make good comments, so then you probably can’t understand what the story is about. Here is my blog go check it out. there blog account.

I choose to read there blog because I thought there name was cool.And the blog was neat because they were including the virus .

how I related to them is because sense  the name was warriorkat It reminded me that I like cat’s, and  The name relates to me.

I left this comment because I like how much detail he put into the story, and I liked how how explained the virus.





My Avatar

My avatar represents me because sometimes I like scary Halloween costumes like the one that I have now. I also choose this avatar because I like to play with balloons sometimes and When I was younger I used to play baseball for 3 to 4 years. But now I have stopped because I like other sports.  This is pretty cool to me because my avatar has lots of things that I like. Lastly one of my favorite seasons is Halloween because all of the scary costumes.

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